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Vet Scheme


This is an optional scheme where the mare owner pays a 'one off fee' to cover the costs of veterinary work necessary to help get your mare in foal and monitoring the development of early pregnancy) details of the few procedures excluded follows). The scheme also covers most veterinary procedures associated with foaling and care of the foal.
The advantaged for you, as a mare owner, are a fixed single fee with discount for prompt payment. Many mares need considerable monitoring and treatment after covering in addition to the routine swabbing and monitoring before the necessary for all mares. The costs of this can soon mount up, but if you are on a veterinary scheme, all these procedures are already paid for, enabling you to know your outlay veterinary fees for that breeding season regardless of the amount of veterinary work involved. Over the years, as a veterinary practice specialising in equine breeding work, we have found this offers the best approach to getting mares in foal as early as possible in the breeding season.
Even if your mare has normally been relatively straightforward to go in foal, we recommend our veterinary scheme as unforeseen problems may occur. Any particular requirements or suggestions you may have regarding the veterinary care for your mare should be communicated to us at the practice:
Equine Reproductive ServicesMessenger Farm, Ryton, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 6RY
Tel: 01653 668190
Fax: 01653 668191
web site:
Please email us for current rates of this schemeIf you wish to take advantage of this scheme please let us know before your mare arrives at the stud otherwise it will be assumed that your mare is NOT on the scheme and your veterinary work will be invoiced monthly
All mares visiting the stud should have a negative blood test for EVA and a clitoral swab taken. Mares arriving without these certificates will be blood tested and/or clitoral swabbed on arrival


Clitoral Swab
Cervical swab and smear
Examine genital organs
ScansHormone injections
Caslick's operation (including prior to foaling)
Pregnancy Diagnosis at 14 to 16 days, 24 to 28 days and 36 days
Crushing of one conceptus in sets of twinsAttention during foaling (excluding any surgical procedures)
The scheme will apply for coverings up to four separate heat periods.


Treatment for injury, illness or lamenessSecond opinions and further outside investigationsBlood tests including EVA and Progesterone AssaysInsurance, import or export examinations or testsRegumate treatmentEmergency care of sick foalSurgical proceduresAttendance at foaling as a routineRoutine vaccinations


· Fees are payable at the end of the month of arrival of mare/mare & foal at the stud.  
· Owners will be invoiced monthly for any items not included in the scheme
· Owners not taking up the Veterinary Fees scheme will be invoiced monthly for all work undertaken.
All charges are subject to VAT @ 20%

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